Sunday, December 23, 2012

Forrest & Katie: Engaged!

Katie as a little girl
Lou & Katie..first day of
seminary & high school
We cannot believe how time flies.  When Cathy was younger, her mother would tell her that time flies faster once you have children.  Boy is that true!! Katie was 9 years old, when she came to live with us.  Many of you know our story...we were not able to have biological children.  After pursuing some medical intervention and adoption, we felt like the Lord was closing the door as we were approaching 40.  Within six months, Katie (Lou's niece) came to live with us.  Her mother had died and Katie joined our family. 
Katie -- 2006 --
Junior Year at Pine Creek
As most parents, we loved her dearly, but we also made our mistakes with Katie.  But, by the grace of God, Katie has turned out fabulous!  She has a lovely personality, a great sense of humor, a zest for life.  She graduated from Pine Creek High School in 2008.  She then entered into college life at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC).  As she started the summer of her Junior year, she meet Forrest Bowlick.  Forrest had just graduated from UNC and was about to start his Master's Degree at the University of Idaho.  Forrest and Katie met at work as they were Freshman Orientation Directors and the romance began.
Happy Engagement
On Friday, Forrest asked Katie to marry him and she said YES!  We are so excited for them.  Every parent wants their child to be loved and cared for well.  We have witnessed Forrest loving Katie and caring for her well.  They are very compatible, are happy and are committed to one another! 

They currently live in College Station, Texas.  Katie is a substitute teacher, pursuing a full-time position as an elementary teacher.  Forrest is a PhD candidate at Texas A&M.  He is pursuing his PhD in Geography and will graduate in 2015.  We are excited to have him join our family! 

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