Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can you believe it is February already?!

We just returned from another road trip. Our little Camry is taking a beating. We spent most of January in Virgina, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina. When we are spending time with folks, time seems to stand still -- until we return home. Somehow it's February!

We had a blast hanging out with old friends from Northrop Grumman, Concerned Women of America and Cadence. We had great time relieving memories with family as well. We stand in amazement how blessed we are! Life is busy! Yet, people graciously make time to open their homes, share their lives and get caught up on life.

Our special friends, Eric & Moira McKerrow, have a little boy that has grabbed our hearts. We truly enjoyed our visit with them. They are dealing with the challenges of having an active 9 month old, fighting sleep deprivation and learning how to be great parents! [Which so far, we think they are.] We had fun watching a Washington Capitols Hockey game as Ronan cheered on his team -- checkout his hocky stick. :-)

We really had a great visit with Chris & Lauren Macedo. They are dear friends from Colorado that have moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. We had a great time joining them for worship practice - Chris is the worship leader at their church. We were thrilled that Kiya (4) and Caden (2) didn't forget us. Yet, the highlight was looking at pictures of the Cadence hospitality house they met at in Germany. Ironically, it is the same house we are going to be taking over this summer! God has an amazing way of orchestrating our lives. We are so thankful that Chris & Lauren introduced us to Cadence!
Check out Kiya and Caden playing Candyland with Mr. Lou.

Here's Caden rocking and rolling!

When we were in South Carolina, we had an opportunity to spend a few days with my (Cathy) aunt and cousins. I hadn't seen my cousins and their family in many years and Lou had never met them. We had a wonderful time of catching up, hearing about their families and seeing their girls.

We are thrilled to be on this journey and our excited to see how 2009 will continue to unfold. If all goes as planned, we are going to be in Germany this summer. We will be spending the Spring visiting with more folks in Colorado. We will be in California and Oregon in March and returning to the East Coast in June. It's a crazy time, but a time we will never forget!

Hearing my fathers' voice

I (Cathy) walked into church a few weeks ago. I was running a little late, so there were quite a few people in the sanctuary. I was joining my parents and I was looking for them. As I was scanning the congregation, I heard my father's voice. He wasn't speaking to me, or even calling to me. But, I could still hear it.

Out of all of those people in the room, somehow I could hear my father speak. I began to look around and sure enough in the next section over and several rows down, there my father stood. He was talking to another person, he didn't even see me. But, I walked over to him and join my folks for the service.

That afternoon, I began to reflect on my relationship with my Heavenly Father. How could I find my earthly father in a crowded room -- just by hearing his voice? In the Gospel of John, John compares men to sheep. Jesus speaks and reminds us that His sheep will follow Him because they know His voice. The sheep won't go astray because they do not recognize a stranger's voice. (John 10:3-8).

Do I know my Heavenly Father's voice like I do my own father? I know my dad's voice because I have spent time with him. I have spoken with him, argued with him, laughed with him, cried with him. I know my dad. Can I say the same about God? Do I spend as much time with the Lord, talking to Him, pouring out my heart to Him, laughing or crying to get to know His voice? to get to know Him?

I wish I could say "yes". But, there have been times in my life where I have gone astray, where I haven't heard my Heavenly Father loving directing me to go a different route. Where I have ignored the voice of God. Where I have just flat out missed His voice. As I reflected on that Sunday afternoon, I am grateful that God is a gracious and merciful Father. He is ready to spend time with me - just like my earthly father - any time I want. It's up to me to get to know Him, so I can follow Him more diligently.