Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love, Forgiveness, Commitment

On Sunday, June 20th, my (Cathy) parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed a joyous event with family & friends coming to honor and bless them. People came from all over to congratulate them: New Mexico, Texas, New York, Nebraska, Germany!

As we approached their big day, Lou & I spent some time reflecting on what my folks have modeled to us. My parents have had their ups and downs in marriage. They have had their joys and sorrows, enjoyed fulfilled dreams and have cried over disappointments and loss.

My folks have truly modeled love & forgiveness to me. My parents haven't had an easy - nor perfect - marriage. Through it all, they have taught me the power of love, forgiveness and commitment. When many others would have walked away, they have chosen to deal with their hurt & disappointment by forgiving each other and by staying committed. I have tried to incorporate these values in my marriage, my relationships, my ministry.

My parents have also modeled acceptance. My husband, in his toast to them, said that they had become "my mentors, my friends, my family". I am grateful that my parents have treated my husband like their son from the moment we were married. They have called Katie "granddaughter" from the moment we adopted her eleven years ago.

So, as I reflect on their 50th anniversary, I hope in 2025 (when I'm celebrating my 50th anniversary), that people will say that Lou & I have modeled love, forgiveness and commitment! Thanks mom & dad -- may God bless you with many more years of love, forgiveness and friendship!