Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It is good to be home!

We made it back to Colorado on Sunday afternoon.  We were on a 2 month road trip visiting friends, extended family, existing supporters and raising some additional support.  God was so faithful to us!  We had so much fun reconnecting with people.  We left for Germany almost 4 years ago.  In most cases, we hadn't seen these folks since we left.  We had precious times of fellowship with everyone!  We also saw some friends from Germany along the way.  We enjoyed catching up on life and hearing how their time back in the States is going.  

Alan & Robin Brunton --
friends from Fortville, Indiana
God blessed us with safe travels and great weather on drive days, except for one:  OUR VERY LAST DAY.  As we returned to Denver, we got stuck in Limon for a few hours.  [Limon is a Colorado town on the Kansas border.] A major snow storm had hit the Denver and the eastern plains of Colorado on Saturday.  The roads were in good shape as we drove on Sunday.  But, there was an accident that closed I-70 for almost 2 hours.  We enjoyed a break in a little cowboy bar in Limon.  We made it home just fine!

Aunt Cathy with her
sweet niece, Avery Palmer
We will be sending out a formal newsletter soon.  You will hear more stories from our time away from Colorado.  We are glad to be back and will be spending time with our Colorado friends & family over the next few months.  

Please continue to pray for our transition to Japan.  We are waiting for our VISAs to be approved.  We are getting more & more excited about our next assignment with Cadence.  Thank you for your faithfulness to us and our ministry.