Monday, May 14, 2012

Class of 2012

You know the old saying "Time sure does fly"!  Well, we are feeling that more than ever.  We have spent the past two weekends celebrating.  Four years ago, we dropped Katie off at the University of Northern Colorado.  She was entering into the next chapter of life -- a college student.  Katie chose UNC for it's education program.  It seemed like yesterday that she was beginning this phase of life.

Now, on 5 May, Katie walked across the platform and received her Bachelor's degree.  We are not sure where the time went, but now she is entering the next chapter of her life....job hunting!!  She has been dating a young man, Forrest Bowlick.  Forrest is a graduate of UNC and on 12 May, he graduated with his Master's Degree in Geogrpahy from the University of Idaho. We had the privilege to join him and his family in this proud moment.

We are very proud of both of them. Forrest is a PhD candidate at Texas A&M.  He will begin his program this fall.  Katie has decided to move to College Station, Texas and look for an elementary teacher position there.  We are excited to see what is in store for them now!