Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Journey to Deep

We are still on our road trip. We moved on from Kansas City to St. Louis to Louisville to Dayton and now we are in Canton, Ohio.

We enjoyed our trip to Louisville and truly had a ball getting reacquainted with our nephew and neice. Raymond Miller Palmer is 3 and Avery Michele Palmer is 16 months. We learned that pumpkins and apples are fun to pick, but more fun with kids.

On Sunday, we joined Lou's family at their church. We heard the first sermon in their I Corinthians series, entitled The Journey to Deep. We feel like that is what is happening with us during this time in our lives.

As we begin discussing the vision of Cadence and why we are excited to be a part of the team, it is a faith journey to ask people to consider joining our team. Whether it is supporting us by joining the prayer team or by supporting us through financial gifts, we are on a journey.

Pastor Kyle Idleman reminded us to (1) Focus on Jesus; (2) Stand on God's Wisdom and (3) Grow in a Spirit of Humility. This last point was the most challenging to us. As we have begun this journey, we have been humbled by God's provision and the surprise of how our friends and families are joining us on this next adventure. Pastor Idleman reminded us the opposite of humility is pride.

Over the years, God has continued to deal with this sin in our lives. Kyle explained that Pride makes us selfish, argumentative, opinionated, defensive and prejudiced. We both were shaken to realize that we still struggle mightily with Pride. Think about it, pray about it, learn to be a person of humility.

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